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Jennifer Silacci, LCSW

Specializing in trauma, Jen has been in private practice for 15 years, both in NYC, and presently, in Boulder, Colorado.  Having personally experienced being in NYC during 9/11, she recognized the need to create a resource to help Coronavirus (COVID-19) health care professionals, first responders, service industry employees, and others on the front line, access immediate, free and reduced-fee online support.

After reaching out to colleagues across the country, she gathered a large group of licensed, insured therapists who generously agreed to reduce their fees and help.

It is Jennifer's sincere wish that this website enables our nation's heroes - doctors, nurses, hospital receptionists, paramedics, firefighters, and service industry workers (yes, we are talking about you - the angels who help us check out at Whole Foods or Walgreens!) to get the support they deserve during this stressful time.

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