About Coronavirus Online Therapy  

Therapy, whether online or in-person, can be quite expensive.  Even for those insured, high deductibles and challenges finding an in-network therapist with availability can be obstacles.  We have created an algorithm to match essential workers and their family members with their three closest matches, in order to simplify the process, and quickly get them the support they need.

Coronavirus Online Therapy is an initiative of our 501(c)(3) non-profit, Therapy Aid Coalition. We are 100% volunteer-created and run.  We exist solely to connect those in need during this global pandemic, with licensed therapists nationwide who have made this promise to reduce their fees or offer pro-bono sessions.  Fees, if applicable, are paid directly to the therapist,

not to Coronavirus Online Therapy.


Our Values:


  • Therapy should be accessible and affordable to those impacted by national crises

  • Therapists should be valued, supported and compensated for their expertise

  • Therapists willing to assist in crises should be given training opportunities and support


Our Goals:


  • To serve essential workers within the USA

  • To expand our network of therapists, nationwide

  • To create free training and continuing education opportunities to support our therapists, prevent burnout and assist in reducing the likelihood of vicarious traumatization

  • To develop partnerships with agencies (both public and private), in order to promptly  deploy assistance during crises

  • To generate a scholarship fund, to cover costs of therapy for those in need

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