Welcoming our Protective Systems in a Disorienting World with Juliane Taylor Shore

Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC, LMFT, SEP (AKA Jules) joins Coronavirus Online Therapy founding board member, Rebecca Wong, to discuss the impact of being quarantined at home, experiencing isolation, fear and grief. How these experiences work in tandem with our implicit memory systems, and the effect it all has on our relationships.

It's such a quick process, we can’t preempt it. Instead the focus shifts towards slowing down and coming into enough relationship with ourselves that our brains hook back on.

In order hold this level of fear and grief, we need to practice a lot of grace around how often we all will be flipping into protective systems — into neuroceptive danger — it’s constant right now.

Jules breaks down Polyvagal Theory for us, a theory of the evolution of the autonomic nervous system and she’s shared a PDF so you can follow along (click here to download).

Jules is a therapist and trainer of therapists in Austin, Texas. She specializes in applying Interpersonal Neurobiology to the healing of trauma and the creation of relational health with the people who comes and see her from all over to do depth work in a brief format. To date, all of Jules’ trainings have been offered in person, but she’s planning to offer online trainings within the year.  If you want to join her mailing list email Jules@IPNBaustin.com with the subject line “mailing list” and she'll be happy to make sure you know about offerings once a quarter or so. Find Jules online at IPNBaustin.com

The podcast is not meant to be a substitute for counseling from a licensed provider.

This Podcast is hosted by Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R, of Connectfulness. Rebecca is a founding board member of Coronavirus Online Therapy. She maintains a private practice in NY and is also licensed in CO and MA.

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