Therapists, Please Join Us!  
During this pandemic, we are gratefully adding more therapists, psychiatrists, and psychopharmacologists in the USA who are willing to offer short-term (minimum four sessions per accepted referral) pro-bono sessions, and those willing to accept fees of $50 or less to our network.  We are also very aware of the need to support our therapists, and are presently working on ways to do so.  All of our therapists are invited to join our private Therapist Facebook Group to connect with one another, find answers to commonly asked questions, and to support one another. 
At this time, as we navigate the complexities of license laws
in all 50 states, we require each clinician to be
licensed for independent clinical private practice
and have their own malpractice insurance.
If you aren’t yet licensed for independent clinical practice,
please stop and instead sign up for our waiting list
For those fully licensed, insured, and authorized to own and operate
an unsupervised clinical private practice, please join us.
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