Whom We Serve  

While we would love to be able to offer pro-bono and reduced fee sessions to anyone in need, we are presently focusing our efforts on helping to support those on the front line.

We think of “front line” or “essential worker” as someone who does not have the privilege to work from home, or “shelter in place”.  These are individuals who must leave their homes and risk exposure to COVID-19 so that they rest of may stay at home.  


Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • nurses

  • doctors

  • hospital & urgent care staff
    (medical & administrative)

  • birth doulas

  • providers of home health services

  • hospital clergy, whether paid or not

  • Staff members of shelters (homeless, DV, etc)

  • truck drivers

  • employees of grocery stores

  • USPS, UPS, FedEx and other parcel delivery employees

  • garbage collection employees

  • news & media employees

  • employees of grocery stores

  • gas station attendants

  • mass transit & airline employees

  • EMTs

  • firefighters

  • paramedics

  • law enforcement

  • military

  • social workers and therapists in residential treatment centers or hospitals

  • workers in child welfare agencies

  • pharmacy employees

  • utilities and telecommunications workers
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